Drake Education Center
828-349-5751  •  210 Phillips Street,  Franklin, NC  28734
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Let us host your next training class, professional presentation, or business meeting
Drake Education Center building Drake Education Center auditorium Drake Education Center auditorium Drake Education Center lobby Drake Education Center building
Facility features:
  • Capacity: Classroom-style stadium seating for up to 100
  • Projection System: Provides optimal visual environment for your multimedia presentations.
  • Event Hosting: Lobby area for meet-and-greet, registration, and food and beverage stations.
  • Confidence Monitoring: Gives the presenter a view of the presentation being shown on the screen.
  • Live Streaming: Live video feed. Attend webcasts or conferences as a group via live streaming.
  • Digital Signage: Advertising available for your business on lobby monitors.
  • Internet access: Each station is wired for power and Internet; WiFi also available.
Take a tour of our state-of-the-art facility
210 Phillips Street
Franklin, NC 28734